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This is our Mum,

... and this is our Sister.

See History for the family story.

May Gray had the vision for The Kerith Counselling Service.  May and her team have developed it into a very valuable resource for East Kilbride.

We run Alpha Courses from time to time.  It’s a ten week course which covers all you need to make an informed decision about Christianity.  Free meal, video, discussion.  No question too simple, no question too hostile.

Baptists in Scotland - through the BUS - were very generous to us when our building was constructed.  The BUS encourages, guides and supports baptist churches in Scotland.

See the Baptist? and History pages.

- a wonderful Christian relief and development charity, and increasingly involved in campaigning.

The Baptist Missionary Society.  We have links with some of their workers overseas.

EA speaks up, and campaigns for evangelical Christianity with great wisdom and insight.

Our involvement with Arab World Ministries - Pioneers goes back decades with missionaries going out from East Kilbride.

Great resources, training and support for children’s and young people’s work in churches and schools.  Superb Christian summer holiday camps for teenagers.

Christian Action, Research and Education - a wealth of materials and support on ethical and social issues.

Founded by Brother Andrew, Open Doors does campaigning, advocacy and relief for persecuted Christians

Light and Life is enables spiritual seekers to encounter the Spirit of Jesus and find the way, the truth and the life.  It began in Ayrshire under the leadership of Barbara Jenkinson and is now international.  Ally Heath is on an internship at L&L and is part of the leadership team.  At an L&L event you can expect free live music, prophecy, dream interpretation, prophetic art, healing prayer, de-stressing massage (head, shoulder and hand) and prophetic personality profiles.  It is brilliant to see how God touches, heals and transforms folk at these events.

- Christian prayer for healing, physical, emotional and spiritual.  Andy and Jeanne Neal are directors of the Healing EK.  They are open Mondays 11:00 am to 1:00 pm at the South Parish Church in Baird Hill.

For inner healing appointments contact Jeanne on 07792 295118