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Hi, my name is Phil.  I’m the new associate pastor here at Westwood Baptist.

What can I tell you about myself?

Well, first and foremost, I am a child of God.  Having a personal knowledge of God as my Father and following where His Spirit leads inspires everything that I do; whether that’s preaching, visiting, children’s or youth work, in home groups, or simply hanging out in McDonalds.

I’ve been married to Kirsten for nearly 2 years now.  Kirsten has recently taken on the responsibility for the Children’s Church within the fellowship.  She has a heart for the youth of the church and passionately seeks for them to know more of Jesus.

We’re both really excited to be part of a forward thinking fellowship, which constantly seeks to grasp onto the Spirit of God as He breathes in power through the fellowship.

January 2010

Answers to a few random questions about Phil…

When I was younger I wanted to ...

- be a baker boy and own my own cake shop.

Starter or pudding? - I’ll take both please!  Yum!

Scariest thing I’ve ever done?

- the skywalk in the Grand Canyon, terrifying!!!

I’m told I look like - Jimmy Carr.

I love ... God, Kirsten, our Wii, custard, a good party, and Police, Camera, Action’.

If I could go anywhere in the world I’d go ...

- to visit Mickey Mouse in Florida.

Early bird or night owl? - night owl.

I’m surprisingly good at ... hula hooping.

I’ve never mastered ... DIY.

Make mine a ...

- vanilla steamer from tinderbox on Byres Road.

Phil and Kirsten at their baptism

Phil moves on ...

Phil starts his new job as Chaplain at the Inverclyde Hospital in Greenock on 19th August 2013.

Thanks, Phil, for all your work in the Fellowship and all that you’ve been to us.  We bless you as you start the next chapter, may you bring the presence of Jesus to patients and staff and may it be a time of harvest for the Kingdom of God.  Here’s how Phil introduced himself when he joined us at WBC:

Where to put the Screen  - and what shape to have it?

We’re planning to improve our projection facilities and we are choosing what shape of screen (Normal or Widescreen) to have and where to put it.  The thumbnails above show five options, click on each to get a bigger picture.  Email your thoughts to the Editor.

Rhythms of Life

Well at least we didn’t experience a false dawn followed by severe frost.  Hopefully the trees and gardens will soon be blooming and the harvest plentiful at the end of the year.  Sowing and reaping are familiar images as we reflect on the seasons of God.  The land must rest before the new cycle of productivity begins.

Rhythms of work and rest are part of the fabric of God’s creation - so much so that God commands us to pause at regular times in the rhythm of life.   Without the command we might otherwise drive ourselves too hard and take no rest at all.  But are we to rest from work or work from rest?

Since the time of the Reformation, Christian culture has in part been unhelpfully affected by the ‘Protestant Work Ethic’.  To work to exhaustion and take the reward of rest is not in keeping with the teaching of Jesus!  Look at the pattern of Jesus’ life.  His priority was to spend time with the Father, even when the people pursued him for his help and healing.  Jesus knew that in order to be truly productive a person must first rest.  His teaching was counter-intuitive.  We think that in order to be productive we must first give ourselves to hard work, and rest when we are exhausted.  But Jesus taught work from rest!  He said to the disciples, “Remain in me, and I will remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine.  Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.” (John 15:4).  If we want to be spiritually productive in the Christian life, the place to begin is the place of ‘rest’ in Christ.  The vine produces fruit.  The branch can only bear it!

Try putting the brakes on from time to time this week and take time for sufficient rest in Christ.  You may have to strive to enter his rest.  But may you enjoy the productivity that comes from investing in abiding in Christ.

Nigel Heath

May 2013

Family Collective Talent Show - 28th November 2014

This was such a fun night, from Elisa’s dancing, through all sorts of games for kids of all ages, to Drew’s moving final song at the piano - ‘Healing Rain’.  Lachie and Scott played a set of Scottish tunes on accordion and guitar; SJ, on guitar and vocals, and Marco on drums, did a song; Jeanne, using her iPad and the big screen illustrated ‘Waiting for the Rain’ by Misty Edwards - in the 3mins 48secs that the song lasts!  Patrick proved that you only need four cords to have a hit song - using them to sing bits from 40 songs in five minutes - breathtaking in the literal sense. Irene was our awesome compere and games organiser.  Thanks Ally and team for putting on such an enjoyable evening.