Nigel Heath - pastor 1996 - 2016

Nigel was our pastor at WWBC for 20 years.  He led and served with amazing love, wisdom and faithfulness through good times and hard times.  Nigel and Liz will still be living in EK where their family and many of their friends are.  May our Heavenly Father bless you both as you take up your pens for the next chapter.

Here is the last piece Nigel wrote for this page:

I might be known as the Pastor, but who am I really?  Over the years I have learned that we are best defined by our relationships – especially our relationship with God.  So, I am a child of Father God, a husband to Elizabeth, a father to our sons David and Alastair, father-in-law to Charlene and devoted ‘granddad’ to our delightful grandchildren Aaron and Sophie.

I became a Christian in the autumn of 1972, having found meaning to life and a living, saving relationship with God through Christ after a search for truth and a longing to play my own part in making this world a better place.  The early surrender of my life to the Lordship of Christ and openness to the fullness of the Holy Spirit birthed in me a deep desire described by Oswald Chambers as ‘my utmost for His highest’.  This has never left me and remains my pursuit today.

After an early career in the TV trade I studied at Lebanon Missionary Bible College where Liz and I met and were married.  We were privileged to serve at a mission hospital in Nigeria for four years before a call to Baptist ministry.  I have served as pastor at Abbeyhill Baptist Church, Edinburgh for ten years and to date nineteen years as pastor of Westwood Baptist Church in East Kilbride.

I have enjoyed many hobbies and pastimes over the years including fishing, hill walking, chess, cycling and reading.  My favorite for some time now is a keen interest in antiques, antiquities and collectables of many types, especially glass.

Nigel Heath


“I have come that they may have life, ...

...and have it to the full.”

- Jesus (NIV)

Nigel and Liz