The Dream Team touched a lot of lives over the years - on both sides of the black velvet screens.  Many, many thanks to Alastair and Fiona Dalgleish for their imaginative and faithful work.

May the dream live on.


Mime has been used in dramatic presentations for many years.  It is now finding its way into the church.  Mime can contribute to Christian ministry in a powerful way.  We are inspired by the colours of autumn, the beauty of a stallion, the miracle of a new- born child.  We are moved by what we see.  This is the concept behind Mime Ministry.  Jesus our Master Teacher relied heavily on visual images to convey the true meaning of the gospel through the parables he told.  Children are learning to communicate the message in a piece of music that, for many, may go unheard.  It is a fun-time developing these skills and having your face painted!

Our vision is to share the gospel in a fun way which appeals both to the church and wider community, and that those participating will come to a greater and more intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus through this ministry.  Not only will the puppeteers develop their puppet skills but they will also play a vital part in prop making.


The Dream Team have performed in churches from Lanark to Newton Mearns, in a primary school, church holiday clubs, at an infant blessing meal, the JAM Club in East Kilbride - and are ready to perform for you, subject to the availability of the puppeteers (all of whom are still at school).  All shows will present the Christian message in a fun format.

Superhero Concert

We had an amazing night on 29th August 2013.  The gig opened with our youth band doing  ‘Next to me’ - classy work by Rachel, Hannah and Sarah-Jane.  Following them the WWBC Praise Band did a few numbers.  Next off a panel, including Johnny the athletic bass man from Superhero, tackled a bunch of tricky questions that had been passed in.  Then we were blown away when Superhero took the stage and rocked through a set of their own songs.  Tim (lead vocals) spoke about why they are out there for Jesus, and Johnny’s story of his journey to faith was really relevant to the audience.  Gazebos, caramel wafers, chocolate fountain - a great night for our young folk and for links with other churches in the town.  Proceeds went to Muscular Dystrophy.

Hey, and by midnight the place looked normal again.

Superhero, may you know God’s good hand on your Scottish Tour!

David and Sarah Adjei at WWBC with their Family

The Adjei family has a long-time connection with our church.  David and Sarah and their family were visiting Scotland from their home in Bolivia and were at our church for the morning service on 15th September 2013.  You can listen to the interview in which David speaks of his early days at WWBC and he and Sarah tell of their current work in Bolivia.