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Ladies Dinner - 19th March 2010

On Friday 19th March, 76 ladies gathered in the church for a time of food and fellowship.   There was a real buzz of chatter and catching up with friends and a lovely meal was supplied by outside caterers.

Other events are being planned for throughout the year, so watch out ladies.

If you have any suggestions please see either, Anne Paterson, Wendy Lynch, Helen Spence or Liz Heath.

Listening to God Weekend - 24th and 25th April 2010

It was a really helpful and challenging time for us.  We began the Saturday morning with a time of waiting on God - intercessory prayer in the lounge, quiet meditation on Psalms or the Prayer of Examen in the sanctuary.  After a break Edwin Gunn gave us a presentation on the New testament gift of prophecy and Pam Fulton followed this with a presentation on how to get started with the gift.  This included practical exercises!

We continued on Sunday with another landmark sermon from the Pastor.  It’s well worth listening to this a second time.  At our Sunday evening  cafe-style service folk shared experiences of hearing God speak.

Pam’s word for WBC

Before she came to teach at our Listening to God weekend Pam Fulton asked God, “Father, what do you want to say to the folks at Westwood Baptist Church?”  This was the answer she brought to us:

Go forward together deeply rooted in my Word and in the power of my Spirit. I give you my Word and my Spirit ― they are gifts to each of you as my children, but I have also given them to you as a church.  Receive my gifts, unwrap and discover them together.

'He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches' (Rev 2:29).

Learn from 'one another' ― love one another as I have loved you.

Don't stand disconnected one from the other ― stand together, journey together to discover more of my character and my Kingdom.  You have never been this way before, but that's okay ― as I go with you into what you think is the unknown.  It's not the unknown to me, I am the same yesterday, today and forever and I am faithful and strong to guide you.  My Word will be a light unto your path, as you travel together.

Don't throw the baby out with the bath water ― be careful not to miss what I want to release at this time, in this season.  Trust me to work for good among you, as my people, even when you don't understand in the natural, trust me ― I work all things together for your good, I know the end from the beginning.  I know where I am taking each of you personally and where I am leading you as a church ― follow me.

Don't be tempted to rush on ahead of me or go too fast ― I will set the pace, move together, step by step, expect the unexpected, look out for me in surprising packages ― I often turn up in the most unusual ways and also look out for me in the ordinary, everyday, even mundane stuff of life ― I'll be there ready to breathe my life and release words that propel you into action for my names sake and for the extension of my Kingdom here on earth.

I love you my children and long for even more intimacy with each of you.  I want to take my relationship with each of you to the next level ― I couldn't love you anymore than I do now, your eternal destiny is secure.  I sent my son to die for each of you, how I long that each of you would know in your inmost being the yearning of my heart to walk with you, to talk with you along the journey of this life.  Involve me and invite me into every detail of your life and I will come with my presence, love and words of life.

If you lack wisdom ― ask, if you need comfort ― ask, if you have questions ― ask, if you need resources ―ask, many of my children do not have ― because they do not ask.  I am a good Father and I love to give my children good gifts ― gifts of grace and favour, just because I love them.

Love your Heavenly Father.

Spacebusters Holiday Club

On the 9th August 2010 a new crew boarded the Starship Genesis. Their mission: to find the creator of the universe and to discover his plan in creation.

Through crafts, drama, games, challenges, mess, and a daily battle with Captain Black, over 70 kids discovered that God loves them; that he has a plan for their lives; and that Jesus wants to be their friend.

On the Friday night there was a family fun night in the Starship Genesis, where teams battled it out to be intergalactic champions.

The week finished with a celebration service on Sunday 15th August where the rest of the church was able to see the fun we had and the things we learned during our epic space mission.

Will we be doing it all again next year.


The countdown has already begun...