Children’s Church Outing to Kelburn Park

The Church Trip to Kelburn Country Park on Saturday the 21st of June was a great success.  Many families from the Church attended, some even bringing along their friends, which meant that we could meet new people.  We did some races and had lunch together, and then split up to explore other parts of the park.  The "Secret Forest" with all its fairytale houses was well enjoyed, as were the fort and adventure playground.  Later in the afternoon, Irene organized football and rounders - both of which were popular - while some of the younger children played in a park.  The bus returned to Westwood at about five o'clock after a very packed day.

- report by Emily Howat

Ready for a race

Bible Class race

Wee ones’ sack race

Skipping race

Soul Survivor 2008

Starring the young folk from WBC, filmed and edited by Darren.

Scrapbook - 2008 July through December

Revolution Band Night 16-Nov-08

The Revolution Group organised a great evening with the bands of The Victory Church, Govan, East Mains Baptist Church and our own band.  The worship was loud and exciting, the hall was full and James Duce brought an entertaining and challenging address.

The programme ran for about three hours (though some of the team had been there since 10:00 am!).

Well done to Darren Miller who got everything going and to all the young folk who worked so hard and systematically on it.  Darren filmed the evening and Stephen Paul was recording it so you may see and hear more when the editing and mixing is done.

Margaret Gets Community Service Award

In a ceremony at the EK Civic Centre on 2-Sep-08 Margaret McAllister was received a Community Service Award for her years of faithful service in our Women’s Fellowship and other areas of the church and community.  Well done Margaret and thanks!