Scrapbook - 2008 January through June

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Aaron Heath

Aaron weighed in at 10lb 6oz at 11:28 pm on Tuesday 8th January to the delight of parents David and Charlene and grandparents John, Grace, Nigel and Liz.

Congratulations to all involved!

What Scotland Means to Me

Here is Emily Howat’s poem ‘What Scotland Means to Me’ which she  ‘wrote in first year’ and  recited during the evening:

Midges, salmon, capercallie,

Golden eagle, seal and stag.

Monarch of the Glen, caught

In the headlights, as

We meet, in the dead of night.

Shingle, driftwood, cockles, whelks,

Lapping waves, skimming stones and rounders.

One more home run before we go in

Bowl, hit, run!

“Hey mister, yer dug’s awa’ wi’ oor ba’!”

Moffat Toffee, Coulter’s Candy,

Hawick Balls, macaroon and tablet.

Sugary sweetness, melt in the mouth,


Tam O’ Shanter, Long John Silver,

Gnasher, Oor Wullie and the Bairn.

Head in a book, a million miles away,

I lose myself in their adventures.

Glaiket, scunner, fankle, teuchter,

Crabbit, skiver, eejit and besom.

“I don’t understand you,” the Sassenachs say.

We reply, “Haud yer wheesht!”

One-nil, two-nil, three-nil, four,

Covering my eyes, I can’t watch any more.

I sink into the sofa with despair:

Knocked out of the World Cup.


Bagpipes, sporrans, Gay Gordons, reels,

Accordians, skean dhus and ceilidhs.

Dizzy, quickly burling round

At the waddin’ for Jeannie McColl.

In the Co-operative Hall.

Driving, smirry, lashing, pouring,

Bouncing, horizontal rain.

Waiting for it to stop,

With nothing to do,

But watch;

Raindrops racing down the window,


Emily Howat

November 2005

Burns Night+1 Ceilidh

We had a great night up at the church on 26th January with dancing, ‘turns’ and a superb buffet prepared by Ann Cairney and her helpers.  The sanctuary(?!) heating was back in action again much to everyone’s relief. Jeanne Neal was our caller and Stephen Paul did sound and photography.

How our Pastor spends his holidays!

Margaret’s Birthday Bash

Margaret McAllister treated us to a great evening at the church on 24th May to celebrate her 80th birthday.  Music for the ceilidh dancing was provided by Lachie Mackinnon on accordian, Harry Gray on guitar and small pipes.  Jeanne Neal compered the evening and played a bit of fiddle and guitar.  Liz and Nigel Heath and May Gray did a comedy sketch and the Dream Team did mime/puppets.  Joe Agnew’s Elvis impersonation was a highlight.  Continuing the Elvis theme, Jim Meighan sang a hilarious version of ‘The Wonder of You’ which he had written for the occasion. We danced, sang, ate and laughed.  Thanks Margaret, and many happy returns!

Lachie and  Harry


Dream Team