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Westwood Baptist Church is a charity registered in Scotland, No SC000588

Get out more!


Please have a look round to find out who we are, what’s going on, and what we’re trying to do.  We’re a group of people (mostly from the surrounding neighbourhood) on a spiritual journey - trying to live as 21st century followers of Jesus.  If you’re interested in this, or are just looking for friendship and a place to belong,  you’ll be welcome to join our activities.

If you need Prayer …

The Prayer Ministry Team at church is available to pray for you at the end of the Sunday morning and evening services.  ‘EK Healing’ is open - 11:00am - 1:00pm on Mondays at the South Parish Church on Baird Hill.  It’s the team that was East Kilbride Healing Rooms and the same service but a new organisation.  They are still offering inner healing appointments which are no longer available through Healing Rooms Scotland.

Setting the Course

Rev Edwin Gunn spoke at our morning service for the last two Sundays in August and the first in September.  He brought us a series of three talks about ‘The Church’ - timely as we look at our vision - what we want to become.  Edwin is chairman of the committee which is seeking our new minister and the talks will be key to getting our thinking about this straight.  Follow them on the Listen again page.

Our own Greg Fourie, one of our three elders, drew a line in the sand for us on 21st May with his powerful sermon, clarifying what we mean by ‘God’s Will’ and pointing the way ahead for the church.