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Westwood Baptist Church is a charity registered in Scotland, No SC000588

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Alpha Course

 On 7th September we had a meal and training session for the Alpha Team.  The course is scheduled to start on Thursday 14th September.  Alpha is a relaxed environment in which you can explore the meaning of life and the relevance of the Christian faith.  The format is to share a meal together, watch the week’s Alpha video and discuss it.  Come along and bring a friend.  Speak to Andy or Jeanne Neal if you’d like to be part of it.  We start at 7:00 pm and the course runs for about ten weeks

If you need Prayer …

The Prayer Ministry Team at church is available to pray for you at the end of the Sunday morning and evening services.  EK Healing Rooms is open again - 11:00am - 1:00pm on Mondays at the South Parish Church on Baird Hill.  

Setting the Course

Rev Edwin Gunn spoke at our morning service for the last two Sundays in August and the first in September.  He brought us a series of three talks about ‘The Church’ - timely as we look at our vision - what we want to become.  Edwin is chairman of the committee which is seeking our new minister and the talks will be key to getting our thinking about this straight.  Follow them on the Listen again page.

Our own Greg Fourie, one of our three elders, drew a line in the sand for us on 21st May with his powerful sermon, clarifying what we mean by ‘God’s Will’ and pointing the way ahead for the church.